30 Swedish Controllers / CFO’s

April 24, 2006 was my Swedish Day: for breakfast I was invited to IKEA’s opening party for their new store in Funabashi (I met even with the global Chairman of IKEA – that he attended the opening in Funabashi shows how seriously IKEA is taken the market entry to Japan) – we had done some […]

Ikea reenters Japan after 32 years: IKEA’s first try to enter Japan in 1974 failed for IKEA. Now second try in 2006 – a full 32 years later

IKEA enters Japan for the second time, 32 years after the first entry to Japan. Ikea reenters Japan: IKEA created a joint venture in Japan in 1974 and abandoned it in 1986 – this company still flourishes, but IKEA withdrew from Japan… Ikea reenters Japan: Today, Monday April 24, 2006 at 7:30am, IKEA invited about […]

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