Rakuten vs SoftBank + Yahoo vs Amazon (Bloomberg and BusinessWeek interviews)

Rakuten vs Softbank Yahoo reduces e-commerce fees to compete harder with Rakuten’s online mall Bloomberg interview and BusinessWeek interview about Yahoo KK’s aggressive reduction of ecommerce fees, a move increasing competition with Amazon.com and Rakuten. How do you see Yahoo KK’s latest move to reduce or eliminate merchant’s fees? Do you see this as an […]

Hiroshi Mikitani about the Japan Association of New Economy (JANE)

Hiroshi Mikitani about how Japan should become more competitive Hiroshi Mikitani: presentation of his new book = Competitiveness Today Hiroshi Mikitani, Founder and Chairman of Rakuten, gave a talk at the Foreign Correspondents Club about his Japan Association of New Economy (JANE) and about his new book authored with his father entitled Competitiveness. Mikitani is […]

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