We started in Tokyo in 1997, and have worked for 100s of customers, including large multinationals, venture start-ups and family owned mid-sized companies, investment funds and VCs, Government organizations (EU and the Finnish technology agency TEKES), in the following fields:

In 1997, our first three customers were:

  • Asahi Glass (international product introduction strategy for an innovative and environmentally friendly lighting system product)
  • SIEMENS (in-depth analysis and market entry strategy plans for Japan’s environmental technology markets including energy)
  • NTT Communications (we worked with NTT-Communications’ international M&A team on NTT’s strategy to enter Europe’s markets. We mapped Europe’s internet markets, created entrance strategies into about 15 different data-rich industry sectors, selected a number of potential companies as candidates for investment or acquisition, and prepared NTT’s negotiations with several potential European partner companies.

VIP briefings and brainstorming

From time to time we are invited to brief and brainstorm with Government officials and corporate officers of large corporations. Briefings include:

  • President of Germany, Horst Koehler. Our CEO, Gerhard Fasol, was invited as one of four experts to brief the President of Germany on Japan’s technology sector. Read the briefing here.
  • The Energy and National Resources Minister of Canada, Mr Joe Oliver. Gerhard Fasol was invited as one of 4-5 experts to brief and discuss Japan’s energy sector with the Energy Minister of Canada, Mr Joe Oliver.
  • Executive team of one of Europe’s largest telecom multi-national operators. Gerhard Fasol was invited to brief the top management (CEO, CFO, CTO, Chief of Strategy) of this large telecom operator, on Japan’s telecom sector, what can be learnt from Japan’s telecom sector, and brain storming about “what is the telecom operator of the future”.

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