"Mobile Internet Device will replace Cell Phone! Do you agree?" [from a LinkedIn discussion]

[My answer to a recent LinkedIn discussion group question: “Mobile Internet Device will replace Cell Phone!”]

This is too narrow a view.

I would say: today’s state of the art cell phones already include the role of internet device + many other functions, mobile internet devices cannot do.

1. For several years practically all Japanese cell phones have been “mobile internet devices” + camera + barcode reader + digital & analog TV + GPS navigator + movie camera + wallet + cash + train ticket + appartement key + comic book + e-book reader + alarm clock + etc. read the details in our reports:

2. have you read Karl Popper? – he is a philosopher. He says it makes no sense to discuss terminology. He would object to this discussion topic – because he would say that this is just mincing definitions and has no substance.

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