About Tokyo Stock Exchange Turbulence on CNBC and RedHerring

Wednesday January 18, 2006 I was interviewed live on CNBC’s “Worldwide Exchange” news program about the turbulence on the Tokyo Stock Exchange following lower than expected quarterly earning reports by Intel, Yahoo and IBM, and a sell-off of Livedoor shares. Here is a summary of what I said in the interview: Overall I am very […]

Japan’s mobile operators’ profits

Overall Japanese mobile operators generate on the order of US$ 10 Billion/year in profits with a rising tendency. US$ 10 Billion/year profits attract three new entrants to Japan’s mobile markets (eMobile, YAHOO-BB and IP-mobile), mobile virtual operators, and attracted Vodafone to acquire J-Phone some time ago. DoCoMo’s domestic profits in particular have been continuously rising […]

Japan’s full 2005 cellphone subscriber data

Japan’s 2005 cellphone subscriber data show: Japan’s cellphone market continues to grow by more than 4.5 million subscriptions/year DoCoMo and KDDI are continuing their head-to-head race Since June 2005 Vodafone is consistently gaining customers again (but losing market share) Willcom’s turn-round is continuing, and Willcom is consistently gaining market share. Willcom is outperforming Vodafone as […]

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