Speech by Japan’s Chief-Cabinet Secretary Takeo Kawamura (河村建夫)

Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Takeo Kawamura (河村建夫) gave a speech at the Foreign Correspondents Club on December 17th, 2008. Kawamura is born in Hagi (Kawaguchi-ken – a beautiful Castle Town in the west of Japan’s main island, which is also host to many famous potters). Kawaguchi was Education Minister in Prime Minister Aso’s cabinet. In […]


LDP President (and candidates for the next Prime Minister) present their message

The candidates for the next President of the LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) of Japan presented their views and answered questions at the FCCJ in Tokyo to the foreign press. An LDP party electoral college (387 Diet members + 141 regional representatives, in total 528 votes) will vote to select the president on September 22, 2008, […]