Sanrio licenses "Hello Kitty" to Diseno Textil SA (ZARA)

Diseno Textile SA (ZARA) entered Japan’s market earlier than H&M and can now collect some fruits from timing advantage: Diseno succeeded to obtain a license for Sanrio’s Hello Kitty character, and plans to market Hello Kitty branded goods. Will be interesting to see if H&M will do quid-pro-quo and seek to license other famous Japanese […]

H&M success in Japan: green field market entry to Japan

H&M opened the first store in Japan in Tokyo-Ginza on September 13, 2008 Long queues in the first few days: 8000 shoppers/day H&M entered Japan‘s apparel market initially using a green field strategy, opening stores. On September 13, 2008, H&M opened the first store in Japan in Ginza, and is planning two more stores in […]

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