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Crisis leadership post-Fukushima: Dr. Chuck Casto

Global leadership in the extreme

Dr Chuck Casto: Leader of the US Integrated Government and NRC efforts in Japan during the Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011

I don’t think that there is anyone with deeper insight into the Fukushima-Dai-Ichi nuclear disaster, its management, causes and consequences, than Dr. Chuck Casto.

Dr Casto arrived in Japan a few days after March 11, 2011, representing the US Government regarding the Fukushima-Dai-Ichi nuclear disaster, and heading a team of 150 US nuclear industry experts, and for 11 months advised the Japanese Prime Minister and Ministers on the Fukushima-Dai-Ichi disaster management.

Dr. Chuck Custo is licensed nuclear power station operator, and as regional NRC Regulator was responsible for the safety of 23 US nuclear power stations.

We were lucky and honored to have Dr. Chuck Casto as one of the keynote speakers at the 7th Ludwig Boltzmann Forum in Tokyo.

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Dr. Chuck Casto: Global leadership in the extreme: crisis leadership in post-Fukushima.

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