Mobile TV in Japan (14th edition)

Mobile TV Japan report

Version 14 of January 22, 2011
pdf file, approx. 126 pages, 11 Figures, 50 Photos, 12 Tables, 4.7 Mbyte

Lead author: Gerhard Fasol, works since 1984 with Japan’s technology industries.

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Summary – Mobile TV Japan report:

Digital terrestrial TV to mobile phones (mobile TV) started in Japan on April 1, 2006, today about 80% of all mobile phones ship with mobile TV built-in in Japan. Mobile TV allows to view television broadcasting always and everywhere. Mobile TV combines TV show broadcasts with news, information and commercial services via the internet in one handset, and therefore opens a new mobile commerce sector with many new opportunities. Japan’s mobile TV standards are also used in South America.
This report explains the user experience and the most important technical details and how to monetize mobile TV.

Table of Contents – Mobile TV Japan report:

  • Executive Summary: mobile TV
  • Digital mobile TV – overview
    Different types of mobile TV
    1-Seg broadcast vs streaming over IP
    Mobile terrestrial TV market penetration in Japan:
    Terminals for one seg mobile terrestrial digital TV, market penetration data for different terminal types (mobile phone, car navigation etc)
  • Digital mobile TV broadcast- “One Seg”
    Digital mobile TV
    Why 1-Seg? technology aspects
    Radio spectrum for digital mobile TV
    Encoding and data rates
    Channel view panel
    Split screen, different types of data broacast for one-seg
  • Multiple-program: OneSeg2, 1Seg2
    NHK’s OneSeg2

NHK’s OneSeg2: lunchbox TV

  • EPG Electronic Program Guide for mobile phones
    EPG: DoCoMo’s G-Guide

G-Guide: search and browsing

  • Digital mobile TV handsets
    One-Seg can be received on a range of devices (Table)
    Cumulative number of mobile phones with digital terrestrial mobile TV (one seg)
    in Japan (graphics with number of mobile TV phones shipped between 2005-2010)
    Number of mobile phones with digital terrestrial mobile TV (one seg) shipped in Japan per month
    in Japan (graphics with number of mobile TV phones sold between 2005-2010 per month)
    Ratio of mobile phones with mobile TV as a fraction of all mobile phones shipped in Japan (graphics for 2005-2010 per month)
    Annual number of mobile TV cellphones shipped in Japan (graphics for 2006-2009 per year)
    How many mobile-TV handsets are deployed in Japan? (figures of deployed mobile TV phones per mobile operator, and estimations for other devices)
    Distribution of mobile TV handsets in different countries
    SHARP’s AQUOS phone
    Sony-Ericsson phone for KDDI
    E-Mobile’s EM-ONE PDA terminal for HSDPA
  • How many hours per month to people watch mobile TV in Japan
    General overview discussion
    Composite of enquiries: how often do you watch mobile TV? (period 2006 – 2008)
    Average times of mobile TV viewing (period 2006 – 2008)
    Our estimation of how many hours per month Japanese people watch mobile TV
  • Digital mobile TV as a strategic tool for mobile operators
    Operator strategies regarding mobile-TV (table showing operator strategies regarding terminals, handsets and content
    for Japan’s major carriers: DoCoMo, KDDI/AU, SoftBank, Willcom, eMobile)
  • Data Broadcast and link to mobile internet
    Three alternative screen arrangement allow flexible connections
    Mobile digital TV and the internet
    Data broadcast and link to mobile internet
    Broadcase markup language
    TV vs data broadcast
    Data broadcast overview (schematics and demonstration of user experience)
  • AU’s digital TV appli: functionality and user interface
    EZ-TV: Analog and digital TV
    Data processing menu (with demo)
    Membership for customer relationship management (CRM)
    Program schedule and information
    Image capture and movie recording
  • Business models for mobile TV
    Business models for mobile TV: table comparing broaccast, digital vs analog TV, mobaho satellite TV, streaming IP TV
    Monetizing One-Seg: General issues, Simul-cast, post-Simul-cast
  • Digital mobile TV and m-commerce
    Music recognition and purchase
    Music search and purchase
    Mobile TV and m-commerce (customer experience with demonstration and discussion)
  • Digital mobile TV vs analog TV
    Image quality and user experience comparison: one-seg vs analog
    Comparing image quality and format: digital vs analog TV
  • Digital terrestrial TV for PCs and other terminals
    Schematics of different types of TV broadcast
    List of devices on the market for mobile TV reception in Japan
    One seg to PC
    Nintendo DS
  • Mobile TV as part of Japan’s TV industry
    One-seg as part of Japan’s TV industry
    Japan’s broadcasting markets – overview (graphics for market structure)
    Audience participation for the top TV chains (graphics with viewing statistics for 1999-2004)
  • Japan’s advertising industry as a driver for TV
    Quantitative overview of Japan’s advertising industry
  • DoCoMo’s new mobile beeTV: Personal Entertainment Collector
    BeeTV concept
    Overview of beeTV, shareholder structure, ownership, programs, fees
    program and channel overview
    BeeTV business model, revenues, operating margin, net margin (2010 with projections to 2013)
    BeeTV subscription numbers and revenues (graphics with data from 2009-2010, and projections to 2013)
  • Unlicensed competition for mobile TV via the internet
    Example: Packet Radio
    Packet Radio – menu
    Packet Radio – user experience
  • Next generation mobile TV
    DoCoMo vs KDDI / Qualcomm
    DoCoMo: mmbi
    Planned mmbi services
  • Annex: international comparison
    international comparison
    Mobile TV standards for satellite, terrestrial, cable, mobile / handheld, handheld satellite, telecoms based (table)
    Short overview of 1-seg, DMB, DVB-H, FLO (table)
  • Annex: One-Seg international
  • Annex: Mobaho: satellite TV for mobile terminals
    Mobaho, explanation, TV and radio
    Music Porter X – mobile phone
  • Mobile TV: Summary

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