Smart grid Japan, smart meters, energy and renewable energy


Smart grid Japan: Japan is investing to renew the energy architecture, smart meters and smart grid

Our work in the energy field is based on a unique combination of a solid scientific base combined with deep experience in Japan’s energy business sector.

When our company was founded in 1996/1997 one of our first projects was to research Japan’s environmental and energy technology sectors for SIEMENS, and to develop market entry strategies. Since 1996/1997 we have worked on a large number of projects in the energy and renewables sector.

In addition to our business projects, we continuously perform in-depth market research of Japan’s energy market and Japan’s renewable market. Some of this work you can purchase and download in our market reports:

We organize the series of Ludwig Boltzmann Symposia on Energy as a global leadership platform.

Smart grid Japan, energy and renewable energy – Track record:

  • We have advised more than 100 investment fund managers on solid state lighting technologies and solid state lighting industry trends
  • We have advised a US based investment fund on researching Japan’s energy and renewable energy markets, and worked with portfolio companies on business development in Japan
  • For SIEMENS we prepared a detailed analysis of Japan’s environmental technology markets including energy production, lean energy production, and energy co-generation
  • For ASAHI-Glass we prepared global market introduction strategies for an energy efficient lighting solution
  • For an US investment fund we performed due diligence on a Japanese venture company developing energy efficient fuels
  • We worked on wireless solutions in Japan for a company collecting and distributing time-critical energy market data to energy markets
  • For the world-leader in wireless smart-meters we worked on an engineering project in Japan
  • ….and more

Smart grid Japan, energy and renewable energy – Events:

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