Kanazawa Rokakoen
Kanazawa Rokakoen

Over the last 20++ years we have gone through the complexities of Japan’s markets. We understand how you feel!

Japan’s complexity can be a big challenge – we are working with Japan’s complexities since our start in Tokyo in 1997, and our Founder & CEO since 1984, when he came first to Japan to help create an R&D cooperation with Japan’s telecoms giant NTT (was not yet called NTT at that time). We understand how you feel.

20 years of accomplishments for our clients in Japan, and since 1984 for our Founder & CEO

Since our foundation 1997 in Tokyo we have helped 100s of clients succeed in Japan, large global multinationals, medium sized companies, ventures, investments banks, and worked for government agencies such as the European Union and Finland’s technology investment agency TEKES.

Our Founder & CEO came first to Japan in 1984 to help build R&D cooperation with NTT, he was Manager of one of Hitachi’s R&D labs, built an international research laboratory on nano-electronics at Japan’s No. 1 University, Tokyo University, won more than US$ 1 million in Japanese government R&D funding, including an elite “Sakigake” research project, was Board Director of a stock market listed Japanese cyber security group, and is now in addition also Guest Professor at Kyushu University, building four projects.

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