Japan business success

Steely-eyed strategies:

“…again, good strategies start with massive amounts of quantitative analysis – hard, difficult analysis that is blended with wisdom, insight, and risk taking…” (from: Louis V. Gerstner, Jr., in his book about his turn-round of IBM “Who says elephants can’t dance?: Leading a great enterprise through dramatic change”)

Since foundation in 1997, Eurotechnology Japan KK creates strategies for the business expansion of foreign companies in Japan, and creates globalization strategies for Japanese companies.


Our starting point is a thorough understanding of our customer’s targets. We assign a team of experts either from within our company or from our network of cooperation partners. Usually we spend several weeks or months to achieve a deep understanding of the market landscape, the main players, the regulatory and legal environments, trends and projections as a fundament for creating strategy proposals.


Track record

  • Created strategy proposals for SIEMENS to enter Japan’s environmental technology sectors
  • Created strategies to develop business in Europe for NTT-Communications’ international M&A team
  • Created strategies for a European maker of liquid crystal production equipment for Japan and for entry to the OLED field