Eurotechnology Japan

For more than 25 years Eurotechnology works with leading Japanese, European and US companies – from ventures to leading multinationals, and family owned “hidden champions” – to acquire, invest, and grow.

We build business, work on company strategy, and turn-businesses around and work on acquisitions from our base in Tokyo.

M&A and global business in Tokyo since 1997

For more than 25 years, Eurotechnology works with some of the most excellent European and US companies and investment funds to acquire and invest in Japan, overcome barriers to growth in Japan, create strategy and business models for market entry, or re-entry and turn-round in Japan.

For more than 25 years we work with Japanese companies on their growth in Europe, including one of Japan’s largest telecommunications groups.

As a Board Director of a Japanese stock market listed group, Gerhard Fasol took a pro-active role on the Board for this group’s growth and increasing the group’s value.


For more than 25 years we work in Tokyo on M&A and investment projects.

We worked with a European pharmaceutical multinational on the acquisition of a Japanese pharmaceutical factory, including environmental and regulatory due diligence, assisted with pricing negotiations based on issues revealed by the due diligence. We worked with global investment funds on their strategy for technology inflection, eg smartphone software, mobile payments and electronic money, or investing in Japan’s venture ecosystem.

We worked with one of the largest Japanese telecommunications groups’ global M&A team on their strategy to enter all of Europe, and on the preparations to execute this strategy, including proposing European telecom companies for partnership, investment or acquisition, and creating the entrance strategies for around 17 industry verticals.

As a Board Director of a Japanese stock market listed group, Gerhard Fasol took part in the deliberations and shared responsibility of decision making at the Board on a number of M&A transactions.

Research, due diligence for investments, growth and M&A, advising CEOs and Boards

For investment funds and acquiring companies we worked on a wide range of due diligence projects, e.g. to the European acquirer we delivered the regulatory and environmental due diligence on a Japanese pharmaceutical factory, and assisted with the acquisition negotiations.

Japan strategy and growth

Worked with the CEO and top executive management Board of the world’s largest toy company, a number of Silicon Valley based SaaS (Software as a Service) companies on accelerating growth in Japan, determining the reasons holding the companies back in Japan, developing go-to-market and growth strategies based on thorough analysis of Japan’s relevant markets, competitive advantage, and implementation.

Market entry to Japan and turn-round

Worked with a large number of European and US companies on their market entry preparations, and turn-round projects. For a silicon valley digital marketing company we worked on Japan market entry preparations and strategy choices, for another silicon valley SaaS group we worked on their “third market” entry, identified the factors holding back their growth in Japan, and created strategy and go-to-market plan.

Pharmaceutical industry and medical devices

Japan is one of the world’s largest and most interesting pharmaceutical markets with about US$ 120 billion size, and undergoing fundamental transformations. Working with large pharmaceutical multinationals, eg we helped with acquisition of a Japanese pharma factory, worked with cell therapy ventures, with medical device companies. Currently projects in preparation with ventures developing antibody therapies for cancer, cell therapy venture developing immune system therapies, and several others.

Financial industry

For about 100 portfolio managers at major investment funds we performed analyst-type research work mainly on Japan originating global paradigm shifts, eg in mobile internet, mobile payment and digital money. Recently we additionally worked for the Board of the Japan fund of a global investment bank on their strategy to invest in Japan’s venture sector.