Why should business success in Japan be more difficult than in other countries?

Our clients. You?

“We are globally No. 1 in our sector, in business in Japan for 30 years, and we believe our potential in Japan is twenty times more sales than we have now, and we want to finally break through and start growing!”

“We are a leading silicon valley internet company, Japan is our most important target out of USA, we failed two times to enter Japan, now the third time MUST work!”

“We are a large European industrial group, for 10 years we tried to create joint-ventures, build joint-business with a large Japanese industrial group in our sector”

“We want to acquire Japanese software companies”

“Our competitors make a lot of money in Japan…. we are trying for years and Japan does not work out for us”

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Failure in Japan will cost you dearly – don’t be a loser…

Direct cash costs of failure in Japan can be huge, indirect costs, opportunity costs and strategic losses can be even more serious. It took IKEA 32 years to re-enter Japan after IKEA’s first failure in Japan

For global brands, for technology ventures and many others Japan is one of the key global markets, e.g. Apple, Google, or Coca-Cola. About 25% of Coca-Cola’s global business is in Japan.

Who can afford losing 25% of global business?

It took IKEA 32 years to enter Japan a second time!

IKEA entered Japan in 1974 via a joint-venture, which failed for IKEA and IKEA withdrew from Japan. It took 32 years for IKEA to enter Japan the second time – this second time successfully and with a totally different strategy, see:
Ikea reenters Japan: IKEA’s first try to enter Japan in 1974 failed for IKEA. Now second try in 2006

Can you afford to wait 32 years when you fail the first time in Japan?

Consequential costs, and strategic developments can be even more serious than direct costs of failure in Japan

Vodafone’s failure in Japan and sale of Vodafone-Japan to Softbank laid the key foundation for Softbank’s meteoric rise, including the acquisition by Softbank of chip IP giant ARM, a dominating force for mobile communications and IoT.

Failure of Japan projects can be very embarrassing

Failure in Japan can damage global brand value

and failure in Japan can damage your career

don’t be a loser

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We know how you feel about Japan’s market complexities – through 20++ years experience.

Over the last 20++ years we have gone through the complexities of Japan’s markets. We understand how you feel!

Japan’s complexity can be a big challenge – we are working with Japan’s complexities since our start in Tokyo in 1997, and our Founder & CEO since 1984, when he came first to Japan to help create an R&D cooperation with Japan’s telecoms giant NTT (was not yet called NTT at that time). We understand how you feel.

20 years of accomplishments for our clients in Japan, and since 1984 for our Founder & CEO

Since our foundation 1997 in Tokyo we have helped 100s of clients succeed in Japan, large global multinationals, medium sized companies, ventures, investments banks, and worked for government agencies such as the European Union and Finland’s technology investment agency TEKES.

Our Founder & CEO came first to Japan in 1984 to help build R&D cooperation with NTT, he was Manager of one of Hitachi’s R&D labs, built an international research laboratory on nano-electronics at Japan’s No. 1 University, Tokyo University, won more than US$ 1 million in Japanese government R&D funding, including an elite “Sakigake” research project, was Board Director of a stock market listed Japanese cyber security group, and is now in addition also Guest Professor at Kyushu University, building four projects.

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We create and fulfill your Japan business plan with you and convert the plan to reality

We create your Japan Business Success Plan with you, and we convert the plan to reality

1. Understand your true situation in Japan now

2. Go-To-Market Plan: understand the market, create your strategy and Japan-go-to-market-plan and make the case for Japan investments to your CEO and your Board

3. Create the right structure needed for success in Japan, and convince your CEO and Board

4. Convert the plan to reality

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