Chaku-Uta-Full: 5 million mobile music downloads in Japan

KDDI pioneers full lengths mobile music song downloads via 3G Chaku Uta Full achieves 5 million downloads by April 3, 2005 KDDI/AU announced that 5 Millions Chaku-Uta-Full songs have been downloaded until April 3, 2005. Download our 230 page analysis of KDDI/AU Download our “mobile music” report Note added: on June 15, 2005, KDDI reported […]

Chaku-uta-full: 3 million mobile music downloads

Japan is the pioneer of mobile music Ringing tones and mobile music are pioneered in Japan Put until mid-2004, cumulatively KDDI (Japan’s No. 2 mobile operator) sold more “chaku-uta” mobile music song clips in Japan alone than Apple sold music via iTunes globally. This fact shows both the power of mobile music, and also the […]

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