i-Mode: business models for mobile communications

Full day tutorial by Gerhard Fasol, organized by Seminario Internacional Prisma, held at the Hotel Metropolitan, Lisboa, March 21, 2002. Attendance: about 50 executives from Portugal’s telecom operators, major consulting firms, and IT professionals attended the full day tutorial. Download and update presentation as a pdf-file Copyright·©1997-2013 ·Eurotechnology Japan KK·All Rights Reserved·

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New opportunities versus old mistakes: Foreign companies in Japan’s high-tech markets

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Magnetic and metallic nanowires

Gerhard Fasol was one of the invited speakers of the “Device Applications of Nanoscale Materials Symposium” at the 1998 National ACS Meeting in Dallas, Texas, which was organized by John St. John of Texas Christian University. Gerhard Fasol’s talk: “Selective Electrodeposition of Magnetic and Metallic Nanowires: A New Approach to a Fundamental Technology” Symposium purpose:The […]

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Masaru Ibuka, Founder of SONY, Obituary for NATURE

Masaru Ibuka obituary in NATURE by Gerhard Fasol After Masaru Ibuka (井深大) died on December 19, 1997, NATURE asked me to write an obituary about Masaru Ibuka, which was published in Nature on February 26, 1998, and you can download the article as a pdf-file here. The reference is: Gerhard Fasol, “Obituary: Masaru Ibuka (1908-97)”, […]

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Simulation and Visualization of the Dynamics of Electron Wave Packets on a Femto-Second Time-Scale

Conference presentation by Gerhard Fasol at the 5th International Workshop on Femtosecond Technology FST’98, Tsukuba, Japan, February 12-13, 1998, on “Simulation and Visualization of the Dynamics of Electron Wave Packets on a Femto-Second Time-Scale” Details of our work on the simulation and visualization of electron wave packet motion.