Japan business success
Japan business success

Partnerships and M&A in Japan

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Acquiring a Japanese company or one of their divisions, seeking a Japanese joint-venture partner, market entry to Japan via acquisitions

Mergers acquisitions Japan: The number of mergers and acquisitions in Japan is still considerably lower than in Europe and in the USA, but mergers and acquisitions are rapidly becoming a common tool for business development in Japan – not only to resolve crisis situation.

Partnering, investing in, and acquiring Japanese companies are options for foreign companies to break into Japan's market, to expand business in Japan and to acquire Japanese technologies – especially manufacturing technologies.

For an overview of acquisitions by European companies in Japan see: http://eu-japan.com/investment/europe-to-japan/

Acquiring a Japanese corporation or partnering with a Japanese corporation normally requires a carefully structured and systematic approach:

Acquiring a Japanese corporation is not easy. Thorough preparations and a carefully structured and systematic approach reduces risks and increases the chances of success:

  1. M&A process
  2. Understand the industry: research
  3. Find and approach partners
  4. Build cooperation
  5. Stakeholders
  6. Due diligence
  7. Finance
  8. Negotiate and close agreements
  9. Post merger
  10. Sale of a company by auction in Japan, or cross-border

We are here to help you through all these steps – our track record:

We are working with M&A teams on cross-border acquisitions and investments involving Japan since 1997.

Here are examples of our projects:

  • Assisted a French pharmaceutical company to acquire a pharmaceutical factory in Japan, including regulatory and environmental due diligence, and assistance with negotiations
  • Advised NTT-Communications international M&A team on strategy and opportunities for 17 different industry sectors in Europe. Identified and analyzed potential targets for acquisition or investments, assisted with preparations for partnership negotiations.
  • Performed technology and general due diligence on a Japanese energy efficient fuel company
  • For an US industrial company, we analyzed the ASIC chip design market in Japan and searched for suitable cooperation, investment and acquisition partners
  • Working with a European industrial group on acquiring part of a large Japanese industrial group.

Download the presentation on cross border M&A with Japan (pdf file) and register here to receive our newsletters:

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