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Japan market insights – since 1997 we work in Japan’s technology markets, build businesses

Japan market intelligence: Research, due diligence, analysis, technology licensing and business development

Japan market intelligence

For industrial clients

We work since 1997 in Japan’s technology markets focusing on telecommunications and energy, we have worked with 100s of companies on market entry and expansion to Japan, helped a French pharmaceutical company acquire a Japanese factory, and we have worked with many Japanese companies on business expansion and globalization.

For financial industry, investment funds and venture funds

We have worked with more than 100 fund managers, investment banks and venture funds.

For fund managers and investment banks, we analyze and perform due diligence on companies of interest to our client. We analyze technology inflections and their impact on supply chains and industry sectors, for example the impact of the e-money and mobile payment revolution, or the impact of the solid state lighting revolution.

Venture funds often refer their portfolio companies to us, to assist the portfolio companies on building partnerships with Japanese corporations, which may include investment, or to build business in Japan.

We share much of our knowledge about Japan’s technology markets with you

Download Gerhard Fasol’s lecture slides at Stanford University: “New opportunities vs old mistakes – foreign companies in Japan’s high-tech markets”

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