US$ 0.5 Billion/year m-commerce on a single train line?!

We worked out that about US$ 0.5 Billion/year worth of train tickets for the Tokyo-Osaka Shinkansen train line are sold by mobile phone. Not a bad m-commerce record for a single train line. For details see our Mobile Payment report. The picture shows a Shinkansen train preparing to stop for 2-3 minutes in Nagoya on […]

Mobile Payment Forum meeting in Tokyo

Mobile Payment Forum and Eurotechnology Japan KK jointly organize the Mobile Payment Forum meeting in Tokyo Japan leads the world in mobile payments and m-commerce The Mobile Payment Forum promotes usage of mobile phones for payments, and works on interoperability, usability and standardization issues. The major credit card companies (VISA, Mastercard, American Express…) together with […] captures mobile purchases directly inside competing brick-and-mortar stores with barcode i-appli introduced a barcode reader i-Appli (JAVA application for DoCoMo’s i-Mode phones), with which shoppers in brick-and-mortar stores can directly compare the prices with’s mobile webstore prices. If the shopper prefers, he/she can order directly by i-Mode mobile phone from online while still standing in front of the shelves of the brick-and-mortar store. […]

Wireless Japan 2004 exhibition (Tokyo, July 21-23, 2004)

FeliCa mobile payment wallet phones at the centre of attention Wireless, mobile phone industry trends years before they reach outside Japan Every year the Wireless Japan sets global trends in wireless communications and mobile phones. Mobile phone industry professionals cannot afford to miss this trend setting show. It is here that Japanese carriers and handset […]

Wireless Japan 2002 exhibition (July 17-19, 2002) in Tokyo

Global mobile trends start in Japan Docomo’s first 3G phones, KDDI brings design to mobile phones The annual Wireless-Japan exhibition highlights the trends of mobile communications in Japan. At Wireless-Japan 2002 KDDI started setting the trend of concept phones. KDDI/AU “Design Project:” Design study for the bestselling “INFOWAR”. The KDDI/AU design study above became the […]

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