Tokyo Game Show TGS2005: Playstation vs Microsoft XBOX vs absent Nintendo DS

Nintendo wins on mindshare despite traditional absence from TGS Tokyo Game Show TGS2005: Battle of the console and handheld platforms, while native mobile game applis on the path to disrupt Here some highlights of this year’s Tokyo Game Show TGS2005: SONY vs Microsoft. At last year’s TGS2004 Microsoft’s XBOX exhibit was pretty low-key in a […]

Japan game software industry consolidation

Japan’s historically grown game companies are global superpowers Shrinking traditional home video game software market and paradigm shift to online games, network games and mobile games forces consolidation Japan’s mobile game software companies are global superpowers. They are all historically grown and linked to other industry sectors, such as characters, arcade games, pachinko (pinball parlor) […]

KDDI may partner with Poweredcom/TEPCO

Poweredcom has doubled investments in FTTH to YEN 44 Billion (US$ 0.4 Billion) for FY 2005/2006 from YEN 22 Billion in FY 2204/2005. (For details and analysis of Japan’s FTTH market read our report on Japan’s telecom sector). Partnership with KDDI‘s triple-play leverages Poweredcom’s present and future FTTH investments. Copyright·©1997-2013 ·Eurotechnology Japan KK·All Rights Reserved·

KDDI absorbs TuKa

KDDI – Japan’s second largest telecom operator – streamlines the group KDDI’s AU with TuKa acquires 3.5 million additional subscribers KDDI announced to absorb the three TuKa companies into AU: with the stroke of a pen, AU will be stronger by 3.5 million subscribers. The three TuKa companies managed a successful turnround by focusing on […]

Livedoor and Fuji TV take over battle via Japan Radio

New economy player Livedoor attempts takeover of “old economy” media conglomerate Fuji Television Group Livedoor and Fuji TV: Takafumi Horie “Horiemon” attempts to exploit an overlooked loophole in Fuji Televisions shareholder structure to gain control of the very much larger Fuji media group Livedoor and Fuji TV: New economy (Livedoor) is knocking at the door of […]

Cable & Wireless Japan acquired by Softbank???!!

Cable & Wireless Japan staged what it said was one of the first “hostile” takeovers in Japan, but then proved to be unable to manage the company they had acquired On October 26, 2004, Softbank announced the acquisition of Cable & Wireless IDC for YEN 12.3 billion (= US$ 110 million) Cable & Wireless Japan: […]

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