We focus on telecommunications/IT/electronic components/software and energy.

Business development

Since 1987 we have worked on 100s of business development and market entry projects into Japan’s high-tech markets for foreign companies and we have worked on market entry to Europe for Japanese companies. Our business development work is based on

  • creating deep understanding of the market and the value of the products/services in the market
  • creating a suitable strategy
  • our wide and deep professional network of cooperations and contacts

Acquisitions, M&A and due diligence

We have worked on many investment, acquisition and due diligence projects. As example, we helped a European pharmaceutical company acquire a factory in Japan, we have advised many investment managers on technology inflections, and performed technology and business due-diligence on technology companies for investors seeking to invest or acquire.


Market research, strategy and implementation

Since 1997 we have worked on 100s of strategy projects in Tokyo for international technology companies seeking growth in Japan, and Japanese companies globalizing. We create strategy plans based on first creating a deep understanding of the underlying market and it dynamics. We believe that it is necessary to create a deep understanding of the market before creating strategies.