Human vending machine in Tokyo

Catching attention on the world’s most busy crossing: Shibuya Hachiko

Creative marketing in Tokyo

Shibuya Hachiko square (in Japan usually called “scramble”) is certainly among one of the world’s most busy street crossing, and therefore also one of the places in the world with the highest density of advertising and marketing efforts, certainly on a par or exceeding Times Square in New York. It is not trivial to catch attention for particular promotions within this environment of information overload.

Shibuya Hachiko and surrounding areas challenge the creativity of creative agencies, and many new concepts have been tested out first here, e.g. many different types of using QR-codes for advertising and marketing.

While Coca-Cola promotes Cmode vending machines with mixed success for wallet-phones and mobile payments, a promoter used the opposite extreme at the most visible spot on Shibuya’s Hachiko square recently: a human vending machine with a built-in charming human operator for the human touch (there is an upper window to serve adults and a special lower window to serve children):

Human vending machine in Tokyo/Shibuya
Human vending machine in Tokyo/Shibuya
Human vending machine in Tokyo/Shibuya
Human vending machine in Tokyo/Shibuya

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  • Anonymous

    <_ looks so uncomfortable inside.>

  • Anonymous

    so uhm…she lives in a box huh?
    i wonder how much they get paid o.o;

    • g_fasol

      about 800yen/hour

  • paul

    great idea, i spent £2 on an umbrella from one of those umbrolly umbrella vending machines today, and i would have preferred a beautiful lady handing it to me to cheer me up after getting soaked!

  • Ha that is the wierdest thing i have ever seen…. But hey I wont lie it is a very interesting idea >,

  • Haha..Really interesting. I have never seen this type of vending machine. In which other countries these human vending machines are placed?

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